Cuaresma fritters

Written by 05 March 2016

In Cal Sendra you'll find the typical Cuaresma fritters.

Publication Diari de Tarragona

Written by 12 December 2015

On December 12 we were published on the Diari de Tarragona!

Christmas Gifts 2015

Written by 01 December 2015

As every year, you can get to know all the news. We were like to welcome you in our shop.

Cambra de Comerç Award 2014

Written by 29 November 2014

The last 29/11/14, we received the award ser Botiguer- Quarta Edició Cambra of Reus

Goodbye our shop C/ Jovellanos

Written by 31 October 2014

On day 31 October 2014 did the goodbye of our shop of Jovellanos street.

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