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Cal Sendra - C/ Camí de Riudoms, 18

It is the store on Camí de Riudoms street in Reus, where we have the preparation point. Opened in 2014, it is a last generation business point designed to ensure a satisfactory shopping experience to our customers as it is a hybrid link between the assisted sale and self-service. A renovated place, more practical and comfortable, and adapted to all and everyone.

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It is located in a building with over 300 years of history: in its early stages, it was a block where people who used to come to Reus, left their carts and animal; later a ceramics factory called Llavort was set up there and in the 60´s, the winery Simó produced its vermouth.

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Cal Sendra - C/ Hospital, 3

Despite being a smaller store, the fact of being in the heart of the city, next to the Priory of Sant Pere, and based on self-service and quick purchase, has the ability to satisfy any need of diverse and demanding public as we offer them a wide range of packed products both meats and cooked dishes as well as cured meat sausages, varieties of cheese, wines, cava (sparkling wine) and groceries.

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Cal Sendra - Cambrils

In the cambrils store, in addition to offering you all our products, both fresh and cooked, we have chosen to extend the sales hours to Sundays and holidays so that you can do your shopping comfortably and for the whole week.

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Cal Sendra - Alforja

In our Alforja store we have opted to make the concept of a local product that characterizes us even more of a reality. Thus, we have approached an entire population from both Baix Camp and Priorat that visit us regularly. In addition to offering the convenience of opening hours, which means for our clients it is open on Sunday mornings and holidays.

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