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1st Generation: The beginning.

In the late 1920s, Sisquet Sendra Palau, and his son Joan Sendra Martí began the poultry business in Mas de Cal Sendra, in addition to the main activity which was farming and the growing of seasonal vegetables. This agricultural production was used to be sold in weekly farmer’s markets of Reus and Tarragona.

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2nd Generation: The Poultry distribution.

In the 1960s, with the arrival of industrial poultry farming and coinciding with the tourist boom of the Costa Daurada, Joan Sendra Escuin opted for wholesale marketing of poultry products, mainly focused on the spit-roast.

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3rd Generation: The present and future of Cal Sendra.

In 1981, Carme Pedrosa, wife Joan Sendra opens its first shop, located until 2014 in Carrer Jovellanos in Reus. The initial few years turned out to be a key to the family business with the incorporation to the business of four children: Joan Luis, Xavi, Cori and Jordi. From that time onwards, Cal Sendra carries out the wholesale and retail of poultry products business, mainly chickens and eggs.

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In 1995, we introduced a brand "Gall Sendra de Pota Negra", as a result of the desire to offer, throughout the year, the delicious and healthy rooster meat which until then the customers could consume only during the Christmas holidays.

From then onwards, Cal Sendra started to prepare and cook the products under its own brand name. The traditional recipes and the use of local products of the territory are the basis of our way of doing things. Homemade cannelloni and chicken croquettes, among the first that we marketed, are still a benchmark reference to our business. Later, burgers, escalibada (Smoky grilled vegetables), fideus rossos (brown noodles), rice dishes... kept on expanding our gastronomic range.

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In 2009, Cal Sendra opened the shop in Carrer Hospital in Reus (next to the priory of Sant Pere). A modern branch designed by keeping in mind to provide a fast and comfortable service with a wide range of packaged, cooked and raw foods.

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In 2014, as a result of the constant concern for to improving, we opened a store in Cami de Riudoms. With this change of location, we offer more comfort, flexibility and modernity to our customers, without leaving aside the family treatment that has always defined us.

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