Maundy Thursday

Written by  11 April 2015
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"Maundy Thursday" in Catalan "Dijous gras" or also known, in many places, as "Day Tortilla".

To this day carnival festivities begin and also warns us that there is only one week for the 'Ash Wednesday', which will announce Lent or what is the same, missing 40 days for Easter.

The so famous egg sausage, eaten on days like today, is eaten alone, with bread, part of snacks, or even in the form of omelet 'redundante'- eggs and egg pudding.

It is embedded in medium and small intestine or is fresh but already cooked, to taste directly. It is usually presented in a horseshoe shape, with the wire tie.

The egg sausage is a variant of the 'white sausage' or 'cooked' or 'Perol', made with lean meat (shoulder), Tallon or diced bacon, sometimes head and other parts 'no noble' with the including fresh eggs, in varying amounts depending on the house or the region. A current formula uses 8 eggs per 1 kg of pasta. It is seasoned with salt and black pepper.

Traditional blood sausage and egg craftswomen have yellow as those usually marketed through organizations tocineros, but white or cream.

Other curiosities:

- Always falls on new moon.
- The customs of this day is marked by meals within the family featuring tortillas and eggs mixed with meat, egg and black pudding cake greaves.
- Formerly it was very common for children these days do captas eggs into houses, to make tortillas and other delicacies of the day.
- In Mallorca, where Carnival is known as the 'Last Days', it is customary to fill the shoes ensaimadas and pork products, such as mixed sobrasada with quince or pumpkin cakes.
- The proverb refers to this day: 'On Maundy Thursday, morcilla eat' and 'On Maundy Thursday, morcilla to nose'.




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